"Beautiful Heart Musical Journey:

 Babies & Beyond"

Online Teaching Studio


We would be so excited to have you and your child join us here at "Beautiful Heart Musical Journey:Babies & Beyond! It is super easy to get started with any of our programs.

  • ​Go to the Registration Page
  • Fill out the information form.
  • We'll get in touch with you to set up a "Get-to-Know-You" call where we'll discuss how your program choice can meet your needs and expectations and address your questions and/or concerns.
  • When the call is completed, we may begin the enrollment process!

You may be thinking, "Why are "Beautiful Heart Musical Journey" programs offered only online?" That's a great question! Here are the main reasons for that decision:
  • We are consciously working to reduce our carbon footprint on our planet.
  • It eliminates the need for parents to spend money and time driving their student to lessons.
  • We want to provide quality Suzuki Education to those families who may not have convenient access to Baby Classes or Suzuki Violin instruction.
  • It creates more time in everyone's schedule: more family time, more study time, and, of course, more practice time!

You and your child are invited to begin your
 Beautiful Heart Violin Journey
in one of three programs 
we offer:

(click link above for more information)
Suzuki Early Childhood Education
for Babies and Toddlers (0-3 yrs) and parent(s)

 Suzuki Violin Instruction
 for Preschoolers (3-5 yrs) and parent(s)

Suzuki Violin Instruction
for Children (6 yrs+) and parent(s)

 ​To learn more, go to the Registration Page.

included in the
violin programs

Through musical activities, you and your child
can develop a deeper relationship with each other
 AND become life-long learners together.

Come join our musical experience as
composers and their music come alive.

Students learn and work together to make music
a part of themselves and share it with others.

Students and their families also learn
about working together and loving each
other through the vehicle of music.


Check out each program page on the side bar to find
out which program is right for your child and family.

Then, go to the  Registration Page to begin your
"Beautiful Heart Musical Journey" with your child!


Thanks for stopping by and learning about
"Beautiful Heart Musical Journey:Babies & Beyond!


  On the "Beautiful Heart Violin Journey" with you,
  Susan Stephenson

"All children have the potential at birth to become persons of high ability."

Shinichi Suzuki