Suzuki Early Childhood Education Philosophy

Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) is based on the premises that every child can learn and there are no limits to that child's potential. The child's development can be nurtured even before birth and after by his parents and others who will influence his life.

Without pressure and fear, parents and teachers can guide the child to gain the skills he needs to live a disciplined and responsible life that is filled with purpose and beauty.


Suzuki Concepts

Thorough Mastery

Mother Tongue Approach

 Suzuki ECE Beliefs

Every child can learn

Ability develops at an early age

Environment nurtures growth


Suzuki ECE Strategies

Children learn from one another

Success breeds success

Parental involvement is critical

Encouragement is essential



"Where love is deep, much
can be accomplished."

                                         Shinichi Suzuki

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