Hello! I’m Susan Stephenson and welcome to Suzuki Music School of Greater Toledo.

I’m so glad you found my little corner of the musical world where your family can begin your "Beautiful Heart Musical Journey". 

Along the way, we can explore music and life together.

I am founder of the Suzuki Music School of Greater Toledo and the "Beautiful Heart Musical Journey:Babies & Beyond" studio.

Our studio offerings include:

"Your Musical Baby" Class Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) program

"Suzuki Twinkler" Beginner Violin program

"Musical Journey" Violin Program for students who have already begun to learn to play 

I love playing and teaching violin, making music, and teaching babies and their parents.


My musical journey on the violin began when I was nine years old. 

I took private lessons, played in school orchestra, and the local youth orchestra when I was in high school.

Then I was off to university and earned Bachelor and Master of Music degrees in Violin Performance.

Then, the magical day I watched a colleague teach a violin lesson to a five year old, my musical world was changed.

That sent me on my Suzuki Violin and SECE teacher training journey.


I spent nearly 30 years teaching and performing in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area. 

Then life brought me back to Toledo, Ohio where I grew up.

That's when the "Suzuki Twinkler", "Musical Journey", and "Your Musical Baby" Classes were started.


I have spent my career working with children (and a few adult students who were always in the mix!) and never tire of observing how they learn and what they are so capable of learning.

I understand Dr. Suzuki's "Mother-Tongue Theory" of education and how research has proven it.

But, I am still SO fascinated when I see children learn to do a musical activity that seems far above what we, as adults, expect from them.


My own children began in Baby Class and learned to play violin with me. I loved seeing them learn and grow.

I would also love to see your child (and you!) learn and grow together as you make music a part of your family’s life.

I don't promise that your "Beautiful Heart Musical Journey" will always be easy.

However, I do promise that you will never regret giving your child this opportunity. smileyheart


"Natural ability is brought out by training."
"Educate them rather than instruct them."

Shinichi Suzuki