In 1964, the Western World was introduced to the Suzuki Method of musical instruction. A concert was given at a national music conference that demonstrated the results of the teaching philosophy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. The word "philosophy" is the key to this teaching approach.

Unlike other teaching methods, the Suzuki philosophy involves the the whole life of the student, his parents, and his family. Dr. Suzuki intended that students not just become good musicians, but also well-rounded, happy people.

The Suzuki Method is based on the "mother-tongue" method of imitation and rote learning in the same manner as acquiring language skills at a very young age. All children have abilities that can be developed. It is up to the parents and teacher to attend to this development. Included in this development of musical abilities is:


Listening to the repertoire

Mastering each step in learning the repertoire

Acquiring a strong sense of musicianship

And lastly and most importantly

Growing a noble heart to find beauty and love in life

"Beautiful Heart Musical Journey"


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