Suzuki ECE Baby Class Program Information


Parent and child (ages 0-3) participate in a weekly one hour interactive music class.


Parents become expert observers of their children as they develop melodic and rhythmic awareness, memory and social skills in class, and listen to the Curriculum Downloads or CD.

 "Your Musical Baby" Class Information Link


Through the listening at home, parent and child will learn nursery rhymes, action songs, and lullabies that are used in the class. 


Children will imitate the actions of the parent as they progress.


Parents can enjoy and celebrate each new development as it is observed, much like they do when their baby says those first words!


Suzuki ECE Baby Classes use the same songs and rhymes in a three year process to create a desire to learn and grow.


Music is the vehicle used to prepare for later learning and acquiring life skills.


 "Your Musical Baby" Class Information Link 


As the children advance, the repertoire does not change.

Instead, more challenging skills are layered onto the same songs and rhymes the child already knows.

Ability and mastery are developed and a sense of accomplishment and high standards are nurtured as the child is ready to progress.

This differs vastly from other early childhood music programs that teach a group of songs, then move on to new ones after a set time period.

Enrollment in "Your Musical Baby" Class is ongoing. Therefore, it is easy to join at any time.


"Your Musical Baby" Class information link



"Please prepare the best environment for your child. Parent and child should grow together looking towards the future."

Shinichi Suzuki